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  Introducing     JiaYu Sourcing

Work better, together.

"Founded in 1993, the Jiayu Group stands as a pioneer in sourcing.
In 2005, we launched Jiayu Import & Export Co., Ltd., headquartered in Yiwu, China's key hub for daily necessities.

We believe in relationships that go beyond traditional boundaries, with a substantial presence in both Shantou and Guangzhou, marking our expansive reach."

Jiayu Sourcing empowers your business by specializing in export operations, product design and development, packaging design, and customs clearance. Through strategic planning, innovative design, and meticulous execution, we build brand identities that connect various facets of your business. Moreover, we offer insightful product market trend analysis to keep you ahead in your industry.

Efficiency, Trust, Experience: Jiayu Sourcing


All-In-One Service

Jiayu Sourcing simplifies your experience with hotel booking, airport pickups, orders, quality checks, and transport. Rely on us for a smooth, hassle-free solution.


Expert Problem Solving

With 30 years of experience in import and export, Jiayu Sourcing boasts the capability to swiftly navigate and resolve a variety of urgent issues. Trust in our seasoned expertise for efficient problem-solving.


Comprehensive Aftercare

Jiayu Sourcing takes responsibility for quality control, damage mitigation, inventory management, and other after-sales concerns. We assure quality service and aim to foster enduring partnerships through our comprehensive post-sales support

Your One-Stop Solution for Yiwu Export Services

Whether you're a retailer or wholesaler, we cater to your needs with our comprehensive Yiwu export services. Simplify your global trading experience with us.

Effortless Product Sourcing

Market Assistance (At Your Service In China)

Absolute Order Control (Guaranteeing Timely Delivery)

Uncompromising Quality Control (Ensuring Top-Notch Products)

Customized Repacking (Tailored to Your Specifications)

Complimentary Warehousing

Hassle-Free Shipping

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Increase Values

Unlock Your Trading Success with Us

Delve into the vital aspects of our unrivaled services, seamless communication, and lucrative partnership opportunities. Start your journey towards effortless and successful trading with us today.

As a leading trading company based in Yiwu, China, we bring 15 years of experience, nationwide presence, and comprehensive services from product sourcing to shipping. We're committed to delivering quality and custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

 Our services range from quality control, custom logo design, packaging, to hassle-free shipping. We provide a one-stop solution for all your trading needs.

 We're available 24/7 for emergencies and we promise to reply to all queries within 12 hours.

Yes, by introducing customers you can earn a 1% commission on successful transactions. Our standard commission rates are as low as 3%.

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JiaYu Sourcing

Room 903, Floor 9, Int'l Trade Bldg. 999, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

+ (86) 1381 - 9950 - 834

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