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About Jiayu Solutions

Jiayu Sourcing empowers your business through strategic product sourcing, quality control, repacking, and shipping services, all designed to streamline your supply chain and enhance your market competitiveness.


Jiayu Sourcing optimizes your business potential by providing comprehensive trading services.

Our expertise allows your business to source, negotiate, and distribute efficiently.

Avarage Increase

Our services enable your business to achieve cost savings.

Growth Rate

Jiayu Sourcing helps expand your business footprint in the global market.

Our vision

At Jiayu Sourcing, we believe that a close partnership with our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering comprehensive sourcing services are the key to making a real impact on their business success.


Years of experience

Jiayu Services sets a new record

Despite the challenging landscape of foreign trade, Jiayu Services remains resilient. After 27 years in operation, the company achieves record-breaking sales, exceeding 95 million dollars.

Global reach expands to 120 countries with exports and imports surpassing 200 million dollars

The creation of Jiayu Group marks a significant milestone. The Group’s exports and imports cross the 200 million dollar mark, expanding its global footprint to 120 countries.


Guangzhou Jiayu Import & Export Co., Ltd. has been successfully launched, extending its global trade footprint from its new base in Guangzhou.

Jiayu Services launches in Yiwu

Collectively, Jiayu Import & Export Co., Ltd. and its affiliated enterprises exceed a total import and export volume of 70 million dollars.

Becomes one of the first private enterprises granted self-managed import-export rights

Jiayu Import & Export Co., Ltd. is among the first private enterprises in Urumqi to be granted self-managed import-export rights. Its self-managed exports alone yield more than 15 million dollars.

Jiayu Import & Export Co., Ltd. is established in Urumqi

Jiayu Import & Export Co., Ltd. is officially registered and begins operations in Urumqi with an initial registered capital of 1.5 million yuan.

Our Brand