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Yiwu International Expositions 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Yiwu, a thriving trading city in Zhejiang Province, China, is renowned for its vast trade fairs. In 2023, the city will be hosting a series of notable trade expos at the Yiwu International Expo Center. We’ve gathered essential details for each of these significant events below, facilitating a clear itinerary for potential exhibitors and attendees alike.

yiwu Fair

1. Yiwu Fair 2023

Date: October 21-24 (4 days)

Exhibits: This comprehensive trade fair will feature an extensive range of products, from Stationery & Office Supplies, Daily Necessities, Sports goods & Outdoor Leisure Goods to Arts & Crafts, Gifts, Home appliances, and much more.


  • Exhibition Area: 100,000㎡
  • International Standard Booths: 4100
  • Exhibitors: Over 2500
  • Professional Traders: 120,000
  • Oversea Traders: 19,000
  • Oversea Trading Groups: 80

2. Yiwu International Forest Product Fair 2023

Date: November 1-4 (4 days)

Exhibits: This eco-friendly expo will showcase Decoration Crafts, Garment, Bamboo Crafts, Wood Crafts, Flower & Gardening goods, and other forest products.


  • Exhibition Area: 70,000㎡
  • International Standard Booths: 3000
  • Exhibitors: Over 1200
  • Professional Traders: 100,000
  • Oversea Traders: 5000

3. Yiwu Hardware Electrical Appliances Fair 2023

Date: April 20-22 (3 days)

Exhibits: Featuring Hardware & Tools, Daily Hardware, Architectural Hardware, Electronic products, Electrical Electrician, and Accessories equipment.


  • Exhibition Area: 30,000㎡
  • International Standard Booths: 3000
  • Exhibitors: Over 900
  • Professional Traders: 15,000
  • Oversea Traders: 2000

4. Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair 2023

Date: April 27-30 (4 days)

Event: Launched in 2006, the Yiwu China Stationery & Arts Trade Fair has consistently aimed to foster culture and strengthen the cultural industry. Recognized in 2008 as “China’s most influential exhibition brand in the cultural industry,” it emphasizes innovative and optimal services.


  • Exhibition Area: 55,000㎡
  • International Standard Booths: 2800
  • Exhibitors: Over 1000
  • Professional Traders: 100,000
  • Oversea Traders: 6000

5. China Yiwu Stationery & Gift Exhibition 2023

Date: June 3-5 (3 days)

Event: A vibrant platform for more than 3,000 market operators and over 2,000 production enterprises, this exposition boasts an annual turnover of over 20 billion yuan, with a foreign trade share exceeding 65%.

6. Yiwu Tourism Commodities Fair 2023

Date: April 27-30 (4 days)

Event: Organized under the guidance of the National Tourism Bureau, this fair focuses on bolstering the development of Chinese tourism commodities while promoting shopping tourism and international market penetration.

27 Yiwu Fair opening ceremony

Exhibits: Products displayed will include Outdoor leisure items, Traveling accessories, barbecue products, bags, mountaineering tools, furniture, crafts, etc.

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